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Oxygen systems for all flights! We sell the full range of products - get in tuch if you miss something!

See our download page for more information cylindar sizes and a duration chart.

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Cylinder Neck Union/Extender Port

Extending the neck of the cylinder to fit for example Schempp-Hirth Mounting

Cannula for EDS-O2D1 and O2D2 kits

The EDS cannula and tubing have been specially designed and tested to provide the user with the correct flow with the kink-resistant tubing. Do not use standard medical cannulas as you may not receive adequate oxygen flow or oxygen conserving optimization. Length 2 feet

EDS system for single seater

The single place outlet O2D1-2G kit comes with (2) AA batteries and 2 cannulas (1 Standard and 1 Flare-Tip) and 1 face mask in a handy carry bag.

Cylinder Mount Kit - CMK

Suitable for AL-248, AL-415, AL-682

Service on Mountain High regulators

Regulator is shipped to Mountain High and serviced, and parts are replaced as needed. Shipping to US is not included. When you purchase this product , we will contact you and find a suitable way to send the unit. Preferably we will ship several systems at the same time. Damages due to use or leaking batteries etc are not included. PS: We recommend servicing both the EDS unit AND the regulator