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We can sell the full LX Nav range of products - get in tuch if you find something missing!

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LX Nav S100

Stand-alone (80mm) digital variometer with final glide calculator, IGC flight recorder, Bluetooth, backup battery and navigation system with moving map.

Flarm antenna with ground plane

Flarm λ/4 Antenna with ground plane. Designed to increase horizontal range. Supplied with extension cable (SMA Plug to SMA Jack).


Flarm display with distance indicator


IGC approved logger


Vario with map and IGC recording


PowerMouse is a powerful stand-alone box hidden behind/below the cockpit dashboard. It has an integrated USB port which is easier to use than the SD card slot. It has a built in Bluetooth module which works with Android and iOS, a GPS module and the option of an IGC flight recorder with internal pressure sensor. The PowerMouse is based on PowerFLARM technology. A second FLARM antenna option and ADS-B (mode S) module are also available.